What We Do

We see everything through the lens of business outcomes. Every marketing tactic or strategy that we explore or execute is aimed at making a positive impact on your business – and based on spending your precious marketing resources against the greatest impact areas. So you get the best possible chance of achieving the greatest ROI from your marketing efforts. For many of our clients, that’s an impressive bottom line difference. Brand development, marketing strategy and creative execution are the tools we use to get you there.

We are also an inbound marketing agency. Inbound marketing flips outbound marketing 180º – by meeting prospects at the moment when they need specific information instead of interrupting their day. We’re also experts at HubSpot* marketing software; we use it to help our clients attract and track leads, then convert them into customers.


* Element Three is a Hubspot Platinum Certified Agency; it was named the Hubspot Agency of the Year in 2012. The HubSpot platform includes blogging and social media marketing, search engine optimization, website management, lead management, marketing analytics, landing pages, email marketing and marketing automation. It has been used by more than 7,000 companies in 42 countries. 

Who We Are

We’re an integrated team of business minds, brand specialists, marketing strategists and creative thinkers who deliver creativity built firmly upon your business goals and then show you exactly how your prospects and customers are engaging.


What We Believe

Like you, we live in the universe of business. Our Business First approach assures that you use your resources against the biggest business opportunities. Because many of our key people have owned businesses, they understand the need for accountability and results.

Engage one, two or all three elements on behalf of your brand, depending on your company's unique needs and situation. We believe that all three elements must be present to create positive business outcomes.

We value transparency and emotionally intelligent working relationships – in which your viewpoint is respected and heard. We use clear processes and open communication. So you get forward movement for your business. That’s what we think you deserve when you hire us.


How We Started

Element Three began in 2006, when Firebelly Technologies, Element Threeʼs parent company, purchased an existing brand and creative execution firm. Tiffany Sauder, with a background in finance, business strategy and managerial cost accounting for Lilly, was named Element Three’s President. One year later, another brand development and creative execution firm was also purchased, filling out the companyʼs three elemental expertise areas: brand development, marketing strategy and creative execution. Though we are located in Indianapolis, we work with clients throughout the Midwest and in other regions of the U.S.